Machinery Fleet

The machinery of the latest generation ensures excellent performance, in terms of both quality and reliability, and allows to realize high-complexity detailed components, with diameters ranging from a minimum of 0.8 mm to a maximum of 32 mm.

The use of automated CAD/CAM systems allows you to quickly verify the effective feasibility of a project, applying any adjustments and changes required in a very short time.

All sliding head lathes are equipped with CO2 fire suppression system, so that it is also possible to machine titanium components.

Teknomecc is equipped with 2 cleaning systems, one ultrasonic and the other providing the use of solvents; both make it possible to deliver all the components machined clean, degreased and if necessary protected with appropriate products.


2 TORNOS A DECO 13 10-axis sliding head lathe

TORNOS A DECO 26  A 10-axis sliding head lathe

TORNOS A DECO 13 A 10-axis sliding head lathe

TORNOS B DECO 13 6-axis sliding head lathe

STAR SR 20III 5-axis sliding head lathe

2 STAR SR 20J 5-axis sliding head lathe

2 STAR SR 32J 7-axis sliding head lathe

4 STAR SR 20IV Type b  7-axis sliding head lathe

2 FAMUP MC45 4-axis machining centre

VENTURE VPE32 3-axis machining centre


Washing Machine Delfino LM 150
Ultrasonic Washing Machine


Optical measuring machines Vici Vision M304 Techno

Quick Scope CNC vision measuring machine

Mitutoyo PH-A1 profile projectors

Mitutoyo surf test 211 surface roughness tester

Optech SZ microscope

OSIMESS bore gauge

Instrument for concentricity/circularity control

Rings and various pass/not pass buffers for controls on

metric, gas, American UNC, UNF…threads